AGRANA showcases DryFiciency Heat Pump

12 Oktober 2020|Views: 1700|Tags:

The DryFiciency heat pump that operates at the wheat starch processing facility was commissioned in March 2020 and has undergone numerous testing protocols to ensure efficient operations. The heat pump has a heating capacity of approx. 400kW representing approximately 10% of the starch dryer's heat demand reaching temperature of 155 degrees Celsius. The AGRANA demonstration shows highly encouraging results. Laminger reported that initial data shows a primary heat reduction from 20-80% and a decrease of energy consumption by 2,200 MWh/a. Co2 has been reduced by 40-90% representing a Co2 emission reduction of 500t/a.  These results show promising advancements towards the EU milestone to make leaps in energy efficiency savings and near zero emissions by 2050.  Further replication analysis will be conducted to evaluate the potential to install the DryFiciency heat pump systems in additional AGRANA production facilities. 

This is the second such demonstration in the DryFiciency project involving the recapture of hot air, in the form of industrial waste. In December 2019, the world’s largest producer of bricks, Wienerberger, also a partner in the DryFiciency project, successfully installed its high-temperature heat pump, and put it to the test, heating the pump to 140°C to convert air into fuel for firing bricks at high temperatures, reducing methane gas input. This demonstration is still running using waste heat in an effort to decarbonize the brick industry.

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