Coming soon: Large scale heat pumps in Europe 2nd edition

The publication, containing 12 examples of successful projects, will be presented at the Heat Pump Forum 2019

Heat pump applications are well known in residential sector, but they are much less recognized for their contribution and potential in commercial and industrial applications. The first edition of “Large-scale heat pumps in Europe” brochure, successfully fostered more awareness of those possibilities among policymakers and industry, by presenting 16 projects which used heat pumps to the decarbonization of heating & cooling in industry and commerce.


However, more ambitious steps must be taken to increase the rate of the decarbonisation of European society. In particular, the energy-intensive industry needs to cut CO2 emissions by 40% to reach EU 2030 climate targets. Current heat pump technologies could already supply approx. 10% of the total industrial energy demand, and ongoing research can further improve it. This potential needs to be fully recognised by the different legislators, in particular, by the new European Parliament and Commission.


That is why EHPA decided to publish a second edition of ‘’Large Scale Heat Pumps in Europe’’ brochure. The publication will include 12 new projects, in which heat pumps have been deployed to improve the energy efficiency of a production cycle or a heating and cooling system. DryFiciency will participate to the booklet with its project of high temperature heat pumps for industrial drying processes of Agrana and Wienerberger.


The perfect spot for the presentation of the brochure will be offered by Heat Pump Forum 2019, organized in Brussels the 15th and 16th of May. Industry and policymakers will be gathered together to discuss the multiple benefits that heat pumps can provide to our societies. Commercial and Industrial applications will be one of the main focus, and with the occasion a copy of the brochure will be distributed to the participants.