Event report: DryFiciency and its board of external experts meet face-to-face in Mannheim

5 Dec 2018, Mannheim (GER)

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Leading industry experts belonging to the heat pump, installation and energy sector from all over Europe gathered at Fuchs   Schmierstoffe in Mannheim with partners of the DryFiciency project on 5 December 2018.  In their role of the External Expert   Advisory Board (EEAB) to DryFiciency consortium, they presented and discussed the latest trends and developments for improved energy efficiency in the industrial drying market segments. 

Stefan Wolf of the Institute for Innovation and Technology highlighted research results on the technical potential of heat generation by heat pumps. The industrial demand in EU-28 is growing and corresponds to approx. 13% of the sectoral heat demand. In district heating networks, 85% of the heat demand can be supplied via industrial heat pumps according to the latest findings. This induces the notion of heat pumps as a viable solution for improved energy efficiency along with production cost and CO2 reductions. Additionally, there are several other factors supporting the future introduction of heat pumps to the market. 


Mikael Muegge,

Head of Business development at RTDS Group 

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