First meeting of the DryFiciency consortium

6 - 7 September, Vienna, Austria

21 November 2016|Views: 3439|Tags:
The kick-off meeting of the DryFiciency project took place on 6-7 September 2016 in Vienna at the AIT premises. On the first day the partners presented a description of their work packages along with the actions of the first months. The second day was dedicated to agreeing on a project logo and presentations concerning industrial trademark issues. The focus of the DryFiciency project is to develop and implement cost-efficient high temperature heat pump solutions for industrial thermal drying processes. Industrial drying and dehydration processes require intensive use of energy, and estimates show that 12-25% of the national industrial energy consumption in developed countries is attributable to industrial drying. Currently, most of this energy is based on the use of fossil fuels with no utilization of waste heat streams. Hence, there is a great potential for more efficient and environment-friendly technologies within industrial drying processes. The development of such technologies is also of relevance for a number of other industrial sectors, such as the petro-chemical industry and the pulp and paper industry.