Chemours refrigerants successfully demonstrated

20 April 2021|Views: 2250|Tags:

Chemours set out to develop low GWP refrigerants for high temperature heat pumps that could be tested and validated within the DryFiciency project. The criteria included low GWP lifetime, zero/low ODP, low flammability high efficiency and high Tcrit following the F-Gas Regulation and Kigali amendment Transition to low GWP. The outcome was named R-1336mzz(Z) classified as A1 (low toxicity, no flammability) with a very low GWP. Chemours conducted a number of tests including, vapor pressure, high temperature stability, Theoretical Coefficient of Performance (COP) and Theoretical Heating Capacity (CAPH), lubricity (viscosity and miscibility), stability tests with refrigerant and lubricants, elastomers and other compatibility analysis.

The refrigerants have now also been demonstrated in working environments at both Wienerberger and Agrana operational sites in the drying processes where DryFiciency Heat pump system have been successfully installed.  Loic Chereau, HP & A/C business development lead - low GWP refrigerants at CHEMOURS is delighted to have trialed the refrigerants in DryFiciency.

„The HFO-1336mzz(Z) have all the right characteristics with low GWP, excellent chemical & material compatibility, exhibiting favorable toxicity profile to be a viable working fluid in waste heat recovery applications which include both high temperature heat pumps and low temperature ORC applications“ he states. „This should pave the way for the development of industrial high temperature heat pump for  industrial drying / dehydration, process heating and food manufacturing industry“,  says Chereau.  Pump it up is what we say!

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