High temperature heat pumps in energy intensive industries: Demonstration plants

Interim results of the three demonstration sites presented

28 April 2021|Views: 3417|Tags:
At AGRANA in Pischelsdorf, the DryFiciency heat pump is connected to the starch drying facility and has undergone more than 2300 operation hours max. heat output ~350kW and a COP between 2-4 at varying source temperatures. While currently only contributing to a small part of the production process, internal calculation shows annual CO2 savings up to 600t. At Wienerberger, where the DryFiciency heat pump has been in operation since Q4 2019, the impact of HP assisted drying was calculated comparing gas-driven drying vs. HP-assisted drying using electricity. The results are remarkable signalling end energy reduction as well as CO2 reduction of between 65% - 80% depending on supply heat. Scanship’s biomass drying demonstration at the Lindum waste management facility in Norway underwent a number of modifications towards energy efficient Super Heated Steam (SHS) drying. This has led to an improvement in efficiency and capacity of the dryer of nearly 100%. Over 100 tons of biomass has been dried using the system so far, now additional operational hours will be used to optimize and validate the system. Stay up to date with the further developments of the demonstrations and join us at our next conference here. View full recorded presentations here. View full presentation: Veronika Wilk, Senior Research Engineer, AIT  ? presentation Thomas Laminger, Production 1 AS AUT Pischelsdorf, Agrana ? presentation Michael  Bantle, Senior Researcher, SINTEF Energy Research. ? presentation Stefan Puskas, Project Manager, Engineering, Wienerberger Building Solutions ? presentation Pål Jahre Nilsen, VP Innovation, Scanship presentation