Past events: DryFiciency at Gustav Lorentzen Conference on Natural Refrigerants 2018

17 - 20 June, Valencia, Spain

Gustav Lorentzen Conference is an important conference attracting an international audience with an interest in natural working fluids, including system owners, operators and end users, academic researchers, policy makers, contractors, manufactures of components and many other stakeholders. The conference is therefore not only an opportunity to present the findings in front of the relevant audience, but also a meeting place where all the specialists can share their views and knowledge to each other. This year, the conference was held from June 18 to 20, 2018 at the Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain. Its focus is the increasing need for global warming countermeasures and how natural working fluids can become a clear vector to reducing the CO2 footprint of refrigeration and heating & cooling sectors and to migrating towards long-term sustainable solutions. GL2018 therefore invites all experts to present and discuss their research on the search for new and more sustainable solutions with natural fluids, and in particular how solutions, which have been developed and successfully demonstrated in Northern countries, can be applied to warm countries with much higher ambient temperatures and strong need for air-conditioning. DryFiciency was presented by our Norwegian partner SINTEF with a conference article and presentation of "Performance evaluation of two stage mechanical vapour recompression with turbo-compressors" written by Michael Bantle, Christian Schlemminger and Marcel Ahrens ( SINTEF Energi AS, Department of Thermal Energy), Ignat Tolstorebrov (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Department of Energy and Process Technology) and Kjetil Evenmo (Epcon Evaporation Technology, 7079 Flatåsen, Norway). Find more about the conference and its program here: