Pump it up! DryF successfully demonstrates first industrial high temperature heat pump in use at Wienerberger brick plant

Uttendorf 11.12.2019

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The first industrial high-temperature heat pump at Wienerberger went into demo operation.

"A milestone was set in the DryFiciency project towards decarbonization of the brick and tile industry" said Carlo Callegati, Head of R&D Operations and Engineering Wienerberger AG, at the presentation of the high-temperature heat pump. The DryF heat pump converts industrial waste heat into usable energy and is now being used in the brick works of Wienerberger in Uttendorf, Austria.

The Demonstration was attended by experts from European industries as well as leading energy integrators. The Heat Pump will now run over a period of time to assess the efficiency of the system in terms of performance parameters, energy efficiency, and validation of energy savings.

The technologies tested at Wienerberger can be used in many industrial sectors from paper & pulp, food and beverages, to textiles and other chemical industries, and can be integrated into existing systems.

To see the DryFiciency heat pump system in action during the Demonstration event click here.