Event report: #DecarbIndustry Webinar

Event report: #DecarbIndustry Webinar

29 Nov 2018, online

The #DecarbIndustry webinar took place on 29 November 2018. It was attended by 60 people who raised interesting questions and brought fruitful discussions. The webinar aimed at promoting the best examples and European projects in which is involved. The goal is to share knowledge of the best innovative application of heat humps in the industrial sector and promoting their replicability across Europe, stepping towards the decarbonisation path.

25th IIR International Congress of Refrigeration 2019

Montreal, 24.-30.08.2019

From August 24-30, 2019, Montreal (Canada), birthplace of the 1987 Montreal Protocol, will host the 25th IIR International Congress of Refrigeration – ICR 2019. This conference is the world’s leading event for research and industry in the HVACR sector. 

Agrana and DryFiciency: the interview

´´Heat pump technology shows potential to reach energy-savings, impossible to be reached by other technologies. It is considered to open doors for heat pump technology in AGRANA’s production plants in the future.´´

Emmerich Haimer, responsible Technician at AGRANA Starch GmbH

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Wienerberger and DryFiciency: the interview

An interview with Dirk Saldsieder

“DryFiciency is offering a competitive advantage through demonstrating best available heat pump technology to recover latent energy from moist air flows. It´s what the industry needs.”

Dirk Saldsieder, Head of R&D and Process Technology at Wienerberger AG


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Mars and DryFiciency: the interview

An interview with Ingeborg Peters

“With DryFiciency project, we aim for 60-80% energy reduction in our drying operations. This a very ‘hot topic’ and an important step in our journey towards becoming 100% fossil fuel-free operation by 2040. Indeed, DryFiciency is an exciting project with a lot of potentials!”

Ingeborg Peters , Global Petcare Technology Development Manager at Mars GmbH


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