Electrification Europe 2019 International Summit

Electrification Europe 2019 International Summit

Paris, October 16-17th 2019

Mid-October 2019 the „Electrification Europe 2019 International Summit“ will be held in Paris, France. The focus of this event is to highlight solutions for a decarbonized future for Europe.

Event report: DryFiciency at Decarb Cities Forum

16 May 2018 in Vienna, Austria

DecarbCities forum addressed the challenge of fast-growing cities and their energy demands. DryFiciency project participated with a poster of Agrana’s drying unit which was part of a poster exhibition presenting large heat pump applications in Europe.

Impressions from DryFiciency´s 3rd Consortium Meeting in Trondheim

20 - 21 November 2018, Trondheim, Norway

Consortium members met between 20.-21. November 2017 in Trondheim – Norway for its 3rd consortium meeting. To lead to successful post-project opportunities of DryFiciency project, the focus of this meeting was business model development and exploitation strategies. Additionally, a visit to scientific partner´s (SINTEF) research facilities took place.