Key performance targets

The novel heat pump technologies developed and demonstrated within the DryFiciency project  achieved heat supply temperatures of up to 160ºC (closed loop) respectively 155 °C (open loop) which is of relevance for several industrial sectors such as e.g. paper, textile, or food processing industry.  In line with the EU 2030 Climate and Energy Targets and the Energy Efficiency Directive (2012/27/EU), DryFiciency contributes to reduce CO₂ emission by up to 40% and increase the energy efficiency in energy-intensive industrial processes. Furthermore, DryFiciency  supports  the industry in complying with the new F-Gas Regulation limiting the total amount of fluorinated gases sold (e.g. for heating & cooling systems) and phasing them out to 2030. The DryFiciency heat pumps are not subject to the F-Gas Regulation.

In a nutshell, DryFiciency achieved the following Key Performance Targets:

  1. To improve energy efficiency by up to 80%,
  2. To reduce production cost by up to 20%/kg,
  3. To reduce  CO₂ emissions up to 80%