Chemours on DryFiciency project

An interview with Loïc Chereau

1. Can you introduce yourself please: what is your name and position/function in the company? 

My name is Loïc Chereau, Lead of New Business Development at Chemours™ in Europe relating to our new low global warming potential (GWP) HFO refrigerants and blowing agents. I have a specific focus on Opteon™ products for the Automotive, Construction and Industrial Heat Pumps and ORC applications to bring more environmentally sustainable solutions and meet regulatory requirements.  Chemours™ is a new company with over 200 years of history, created from DuPont’s performance chemicals businesses. We are the world leader in titanium technologies, fluoroproducts and chemical solutions and with more than eight decades at the forefront of refrigerant technology, Chemours global production and distribution infrastructure provides an ideal platform to meet the growing worldwide demand for these new, sustainable cooling and heating solutions.

2. What is your motivation to participate in the DryF project and develop new components for increasing energy efficiency in industry?

Our objective is to help our customers set themselves apart from competitors by providing innovations in industrial processes and products that exceed expectations of sustainable manufacturing. Chemours continues to extend this transformative cooling technology even further — from coolers in supermarkets and stores, refrigerated trucks and air conditioning systems to industrial and large heat pump applications by adding new products into the Opteon™ family. Not only because it’s good for our business, but also because it’s the right thing to do for the future of our planet. All the new Opteon™ products share the advantages of HFO-based refrigerants: low toxicity, non-flammability or mild flammability, and zero ozone-depletion potential.

3. How important is the large/industrial heat pump market for you?

Chemours considers the heat pump applications as a great opportunity both short-term for residential and long-term for industrial uses. The high-temperature heat pump applications ranging from 100 oC to 150 oC are now being developed due to the growing interest in cost-effective and sustainable solution in high heat demand manufacturing processes like in pulp, paper and food industries with average condensers of 5MW. We have recently developed refrigerants specifically designed for this high-temperature space and various compressor technologies.

4. What is the role of sustainability in your product development? 

Chemours is committed to supporting the success of the F-Gas Regulations with new products delivering improved performance with a more sustainable environmental footprint and lower GWP vs. existing solutions. Along with the Opteon™ family, Opteon™ MZ is very low GWP solution offering greater space of heat recovery for higher temperature and new equipment designs.