Event report: DryFiciency at DKV Deutsche Kälte- und Klimatagung 2018

Aachen (DE), 21.- 23.11.2018

The DKV conference, one of the main conferences for the refrigeration and heating industry in the DACH region, was visited by 615 people from Europe, Australia, Brazil and the United States. 113 presentations were held in the following 5 categories: cryogenics, basic principles and materials of refrigeration and heat engineering, components of heating and refrigeration technologies, refrigeration applications and air conditioning and heat pump applications including high temperature heat pumps.

The two research organisations within DryFiciency, AIT and SINTEF, were invited to present findings from the DryFiciency project. The presentations attracted interest from the participants and led to several fruitful discussions. 

Veronika Wilk (AIT) focussed her presentation on the design of two high temperature heat pump systems to be demonstrated first-time in industrial drying applications. She explained the drying processes of the demo sites at Agrana Stärke GmbH and Wienerberger AG with and without heat pump integration, elaborated on the design questions to be considered, and presented the two compressors to be demonstrated first-time: a semi-hermetic scroll compressor from Bitzer and a piston compressor from Viking Heat Engines A/S. She further elaborated on possible refrigerant circuit configurations including their pros and cons and provided an outlook on the next steps to be taken within the project.

Michael Bantle (SINTEF) emphasised in his presentation the potential of a two-stage turbo compressor vapour recompression for industrial applications and elaborated on the performance data achieved with a novel turbo-compressor developed by Rotrex A/S within the DryFiciency project. He explained the set-up of the lab environment of the mechanical vapour recompression (MVR) system and explained in detail the characteristic map and performance data of the turbo compressors tested in 2-stages, before providing some input for discussions. 

The presentations are available for download here (in German only): 

More information is provided in two corresponding paper publications, which are included in the conference proceedings available for purchase soon under