Event report: SPIRE contractors‘ meeting on energy efficiency in the processing industries

Brussels, 7.-8. 2. 2019

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Several SPIRE contractors met in Brussels on 7th & 8th of February 2019 to exchange ideas and foster cooperation. SPIRE Public-Private Partnership projects like DryFiciency boost the innovation capacity of the European process industry which represents 20% of the total European manufacturing sector and provides 25 million jobs. 

The contractors meeting on the topic of energy efficiency provided a meaningful platform for knowledge exchange between these EU funded energy projects. SPIRE Association, as the manager of PPP projects, expressed its continued support for the development of key enabling technologies and best practices along all the stages of large scale existing value chain productions that contribute to a resource efficient process industry. SPIRE prides itself that for every €1 invested a €7 value is generated.


The DryF Key Performance Targets to improve energy efficiency by up to 80%, reduce production cost by up to 20%/kg, and reduce  CO? emissions up to 75% fits perfectly into their strategic directions. 

The project partners AIT and RTDS presented the DryFiciency project during the working lunch break where visitors could inquire about the project and collect project materials such as project 1-pagers