DryFiciency welcomes new consortium member Scanship

DryFiciency welcomes new consortium member Scanship

Third Quarter 2019

From Q3 2019 the DryFiciency consortium will be sporting a new member in its midst: The Norwegian waste and waste water management pioneer Scanship will be responsible to conduct dryer test runs of the MVR system in a land-based waste management system in Drammen (Norway) for bio-sludge drying.

DryFiciency Newsletter – July 2018

Progress, component manufacturers and upcoming events

Find out more about the progress and the results of the first period. Additionally, we reveal the motivation of the component manufacturers for involvement in DryFiciency. Read more here. 

Viking Heat Engines on Dryficiency

An interview with Geir Robstad

CEO of Viking Heat Engines reveals why they joined the project, how important the large heat pump market is for them and more. 

BITZER’s vision on DryFiciency

An interview with Julian Pfaffl

Julian Pfaffl, Head of Product Performance at Bitzer, shares his thoughts about DryFiciency and involvement of Bitzer. 

Agrana and DryFiciency: the interview

´´Heat pump technology shows potential to reach energy-savings, impossible to be reached by other technologies. It is considered to open doors for heat pump technology in AGRANA’s production plants in the future.´´

Emmerich Haimer, responsible Technician at AGRANA Starch GmbH

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