Event report: DryFiciency at Decarb Cities Forum

16 May 2018 in Vienna, Austria

The European Heat Pump Association, in charge of dissemination and communication activities for DryFiciency project together with RTDS, organized its annual forum in Vienna, Austria, on May 16th, 2018, at the prestigious MuseumsQuartier. The topic was inspired by the fact that an increasing share of humans lives in cities; more than 51% of energy is used for heating and cooling in Europe.  This trend requires no-pollution solutions towards zero emissions to maintain local air quality, reduce the effect of heat islands and enable cities to fight against climate change. Decarb Cities forum addressed these challenges to cities in three sessions. DryFiciency project participated to the forum with a poster showing Agrana’s drying unit -one of the three demonstration sites- which was part of a poster exhibition presenting large heat pump applications in Europe. DryFiciency poster Furthermore, Dryficiency as part of the “Projects Corner” where all EHPA projects were presented. Dryfiency flyers were distributed explaining the concept to the participants and questions from the audience concerning the project were answered. Projects corner