Event report: DryFiciency at World Sustainable Energy Days

Event report: DryFiciency at World Sustainable Energy Days

Wels, 27.2. - 1.3.2019

The WSED conference adresses policies, innovation and business in specialised conferences and interactive events. It connects people from business, the public sector and research and empowers them to embrace the change. 

Compressor delivery paves way for first heat pump demos

Industries to reduce their dependency on fossil fuels with unique compressor technologies

Compressors from Viking Heat Engines and Bitzer – specially engineered to reach up to 160 °C – have been delivered to an experienced Austrian heat pump manufacturer and work is underway to build the first industrial, high-temperature heat pump systems to be installed at DryFiciency’s demo partner sites.

Event report: DryFiciency and its board of external experts meet face-to-face in Mannheim

5 Dec 2018, Mannheim (GER)

Leading industry experts belonging to the heat pump, installation and energy sector from all over Europe gathered at Fuchs Schmierstoffe in Mannheim with partners of the DryFiciency project on 5 December 2018.  In their role of the External Expert Advisory Board (EEAB) to DryFiciency consortium, they presented and discussed the latest trends and developments for improved energy efficiency in the industrial drying market segments. 

Event report: #DecarbIndustry Webinar

29 Nov 2018, online

The #DecarbIndustry webinar took place on 29 November 2018. It was attended by 60 people who raised interesting questions and brought fruitful discussions. The webinar aimed at promoting the best examples and European projects in which is involved. The goal is to share knowledge of the best innovative application of heat humps in the industrial sector and promoting their replicability across Europe, stepping towards the decarbonisation path.

Event report: DryFiciency at DKV Deutsche Kälte- und Klimatagung 2018

Aachen (DE), 21.- 23.11.2018

The DKV conference, one of the main conferences for the refrigeration and heating industry in the DACH region, was visited by 615 people from Europe, Australia, Brazil and the United States. The two research organisations within DryFiciency, AIT and SINTEF, were invited to present findings from the DryFiciency project. The presentations attracted interest and are available for download at the bottom of this article. 

And the winner is…

AMT Kältetechnik GmbH won the public tender initiated by the DryFiciency consortium

AMT Kältetechnik GmbH, an experienced engineering and construction company of industrial and commercial heating and cooling solutions, has won the public bid to build and integrate DryFiciency’s two novel closed-loop heat pump systems capable of reaching temperatures of up to 160 degrees Celsius. 

Event report: DryFiciency at Chillventa 2018

15 October 2018, Nuremberg, Germany

Chillventa in Nuremberg is the international trade fair for refrigeration, ventilation and heat pumps. Industry, wholesalers, trade associations and educational institutions in the field are given the opportunity to network, uncover innovations, present products and catch up with trends in the industry every two years.

DryFiciency was presented by a number of project partners which had for its result that a number of industry representatives, especially manufacturers of heat pumps expressed interested in the project. 

Event report: DryFiciency at IndTech 2018

30 October 2018, Vienna, Austria

The conference “INDustrial TECHnologies 2018: Innovative industries for smart growth” aimed at discussing future trends and developments within Key Enabling Technologies and reshaping the research and innovation system to strengthen production in Europe.

Veronika Wilk, scientific coordinator, presented the DryFiciency project in the session 1.2 on Sustainable and efficient energy . 

Large heat pumps ready to be deployed and DryFiciency is part of the success!

Industry agreed during a panel debate at Chillventa Congress 2018

On 15th of October 2018, a panel debate on large heat pumps for industrial processes was organized during the Chillventa Congress. The panel, moderated by Thomas Nowak (European Heat Pump Association), gathered together industry representatives: Dr. Veronika Wilk (Austrian Insitute of Technology), Eric Delforge (Mayekawa) and Alexander Cohr Pachai (Johnson Controls), discussing the reasons for the up to now underdeveloped market segment. ?

DryFiciency Newsletter – July 2018

Progress, component manufacturers and upcoming events

Find out more about the progress and the results of the first period. Additionally, we reveal the motivation of the component manufacturers for involvement in DryFiciency. Read more here.